‘What one hears are his earnest, strained vocals along with sometimes delicate, sometimes thrashed acoustic guitar with occasional percussion and pedal steel.’
– Americana UK



‘Absolutely brilliant… It’s the rare release that can satisfy fans of Dylan, Jason Isbell, and Of Monsters and Men.’
– If It’s Too Loud… / US



‘Wunderbar verdreht und faszinierend eigentümlich…’
‘Wonderfully quirky and fascinatingly wayward…’
– LaxMag / DE



‘A wonderful, headstrong and captivating beauty of an album!’ (Dutch)
– Caleidescoop / NL


‘Had Nick Drake plied his trade in early 21st century Manhattan, this is exactly the sort of album he would produce.’
– Pennyblack Music / UK


‘Captivating and provocative…this guy’s got a killer voice… Top pick.’
– Baby Sue / US


‘Die Elegie von Allens Musik ist vielmehr eine Black Box – ein Hort ohne Bezug, ohne Not und ohne Pein.’
‘The elegy of Allen’s music is like a black box – a refuge without reference, without affliction and without torment’ 

– Motor.DE


‘On dit que dans une sombre époque, l’oeil commence à voir, celui de J.Allen a un battement de cils d’avance.’
‘It is said that in a dark time the eye begins to see, that of J.Allen is one blink of an eye in advance.’
– Pause Musicale / FR


‘Hailing from New York, J. Allen describes himself as a folk singer/songwriter but any notion of self-whimsy and paint-by-numbers bullshit is quickly disposed of thanks to some gorgeous melodies and cracked vocals, all shrouded under layers of darkening ambience’
– Gold Flake Paint / UK


‘I gave a try to the first half-minute of the first track ‘O My Love.’ Allen’s ponderous vocals and gently tendered sonic atmosphere came through out of the gate, and I was hooked.’
– Anobium / US


‘Écoutez-le avec en tête l’idée de ce que pourrait être l’infini ou la quatrième dimension’
‘Listen to him with the idea in mind of what could be infinity or the fourth dimension’
– Music in Belgium / BE





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