Meanwhiles is J. Allen and Todd Allen.


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 Slow Motion Summer – CD – 2009




Nights Rewind Cover

 The Nights Rewind – CD – 2006


Early Meanwhiles Review From Splendid Magazine:

The Allen brothers’ world is a dark, shadowy place. Josh and Todd have turned their first full-length into an evocative, dreamlike affair, incorporating aspects of shoegaze, tape manipulation, post-rock and traditional singer/songwriter fare.

There’s great depth in the layers of sound that “Kinder” employs — it’s at once impenetrable and emotionally transparent. Josh’s vocals sound vaguely like Michael Stipe, while the music’s closest analog is a more experimental Joseph Arthur. “Middle of Nowhere” incorporates the aforementioned sonic sprawl; by the song’s end, it sounds like an extended Mogwai jam recorded on a freight train.

The album was recorded in the Allens’ home, but sounds easily as polished as studio fare. The mix is rich, featuring multiple guitars, pianos and vocals, but the mix never seems crowded. The brothers’ ability to manage so many different musical elements helps their compositions to build to a self-referential frenzy, reverbed and lonely, peers to Phaser or My Bloody Valentine.

The Nights Rewind is a beautiful album, worthy of both your time and your tears.

– Tyson Lynn



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